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Hometown ~~ Dedicated ~~ Leader

March 19, 2015

Dear Downers Grove Neighbor,

I'm Geoff Neustadt, and on April 7, 2015, my goal is to be your Mayor in the Village of Downers Grove.

I live and work in our community. I see and hear, first-hand, what concerns residents have and how we come together to solve problems. Also, I've served eight years as a Village Commissioner, and know a lot about organizations that are proud to call Downers Grove home. I've earned this opportunity - and your trust - to serve our community well.

For example, in recent years:

  • We have made fiscal moves to ensure the fastest police and fire response times, and improved our water system to make sure we all have fresh, clean drinking water.
  • We have expanded our communications with resident by using an eRermarks program for residents to submit comments on specific agenda items or general Village issues as well as a Nextdoor Website subscription
  • The Village Council has created a plan for roadway maintenance, a long-range plan for financial stability, and the Village has earned an AAA bond rating thanks to the excellent budgeting practices and policies we have put into place

Now, more than ever, our community deserves a Mayor who is present and available to its people every day. The office is not a stepping stone for something else down the line, and asks more than attendance at ribbon cuttings or Tuesday night Council meetings.

Partisan politics in local government is a distraction and fails to serve the best interests of our community - there's no place for it. And because I'm not seeking higher office, or beholden to promises I've made to political leaders, I'm able to devote time and energy to get good things done.

As Mayor, I'll continue to use my professional experience in municipal operations to help ensure delivery of exceptional services, like police, fire, and public works. I'll continue to reach out and listen to everyone, and protect decision making against outside influences and political maneuvering. And, as always, I will continue to consider what's best for all of our community - not just parts of it.

For more information about how I serve Downers Grove, as an elected leader and mechanic for its schools, please review the other pages here on this web site. Or, better yet, just give me a call at 630-768-4163.

For more information about what's happening in our community, please go to

Thank you for visiting my website!